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God's Own Country

Explore Kerala - popular tourist destination for its tropical greenery.


Kerala is a popular tourist destination for its backwaters, yoga, Ayurvedic treatments and tropical greenery. Kerala has the highest Human Development Index in India, comparable with that of first world nations but with a much lower per capita income.


Tourfed launches Hygienic Coffee Shops in the state

Hygienic Coffee Shops in the state

After making an impact in the travel and tourism industry in the State, the Co-operative Department led TOURFED is launching HYGIENIC COFFEE SHOPS throughout the state as an effort to provide as the name says clean, hygienic and safe food but at the same to provide economic opportunities for the differently abled / handicapped persons.

HYGIENIC COFFEE SHOPS are being established in major towns and important places in Kerala to provide economic opportunities to socially deprived and to ensure food safety and hygiene among the urban and semi urban population.

The prime motive is to address the challenges posed by the lack of hygiene and food-safety among the urban and semi-urban poor and providing solutions to turn those challenges into economic opportunities for the socially derived sections of the society . We develop and promote realistic strategies combining the best of market oriented business models and philanthropic perspectives to create better livelihood for the differently abled and economically weaker sections through micro enterprises that foster food- safety and hygiene.

Our project objective is to set up automated beverage (coffee , tea & soup) booth facilities in all major towns and important places of every district Kerala. This project will directly empower one thousand differently-abled and socially disadvantaged youths especially women with decent earnings. Further, this will provide with many more job openings indirectly.

This will provide better food safety and hygiene among the socially deprived. Studies have shown that lack of food safety and hygiene, is linked to the social deprivation of the urban and semi-urban poor. Problems arising from lack of food-safety and hygiene tend to affect the weaker sections more adversely .This may lead to Infectious diseases, loss of lives and quite often the loss of earning potential of the only breadwinner of the family. In an effort to address this problem we are planning to set up HYGIENIC COFFEE SHOPS through out Kerala with the active participation of District administrations. This endeavor which combines realistic business model with social commitment ensures steady revenue stream for the entrepreneur and goes on to promote better food safety and hygiene.


  • Our project promise a decent living and growth for a number of socially disadvantaged families
  • We are facilitating financial empowerment to unemployed youth and that too with special consideration for women.
  • We are proud that the persons who are running booths have an independent ownership feeling and management.

The Solution

  • TOURFED can set up automated beverage (coffee, tea & soup) booth facilities (minimum 40 sf. Ft. ) in all selected locations in Corporation areas, bus stands, air ports, municipal areas, hospitals, zoo, big office complexes, collectorate premises, tourist spots and other potential areas where we can see floating population. These beverage booths will be independently managed and run by physically handicapped persons especially women.
  • No investment obligations whatsoever will come in the way of these persons for acquiring the same.
  • The required infrastructure will be set up at appropriate locations at free of cost by TOURFED and entrusted to the selected booth managers. The LSGs / Corporations / other agencies who are providing space can select the beneficiary and entrust to Tourfed.
  • Water charges, electricity bills etc., will be borne by Tourfed. No expenditure will come from the handicapped persons. They get a decent earnings by selling tea/coffee through these kiosks.


  • Coffee and Tea vending booth facilities at potential centres.
  • A robust and sustainable business model for differently abled youth.
  • From customer view point the attractive aspect of booth beverage is:
    • Hygienic
    • High quality
    • Speed of service
  • Branded tea and coffee additives
  • Packaged mineral water for mixing
  • Disposable paper cups to serve
  • Guaranteed commercial profits to the booth personnel.
  • The running of the booth and machine is uncomplicated and easeful for use by a handicapped person.

The project is fully managed by TOURFED.



The NRKs can invest in any of the tourism products like, hotel, restaurant, transports like buses, house boats etc., which will be looked after by Tourfed for a specific period...

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